What About Me?

No doubt about it… being diagnosed and living with COPD can bring on big changes in your life. After all, you have

What About Me?2022-05-22T08:27:22+00:00

The Power of Sleep

Stan was a CEO at a large corporation in the city. I asked him, “How do you manage to sleep with all

The Power of Sleep2022-05-05T12:38:22+00:00

Appreciating Our Bodies

Did you know each cell has only enough oxygen stored for only four seconds? After that, it will begin to die. Yet,

Appreciating Our Bodies2022-04-27T05:59:12+00:00

The Elixir of Energy

Delores had been using a walker to get about, but lately she found that she just didn’t have the energy for even

The Elixir of Energy2022-04-15T00:20:54+00:00

The First Step

Despite the universal illusion of the single warrior destroying the beast and saving the world, the hero does not accomplish great things

The First Step2022-04-09T17:08:11+00:00
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